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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Abu Dhabi Police Organizes the ‘Back to School’ Forum

In a Family-like Atmosphere Filled with Educationlal Entertainment

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Friday, August 29th 2014 [ME NewsWire]

The Abu Dhabi Police Clubs and Sports Activities Department organized a family forum, which coincides with the new academic year. The forum, held at the Police Officers Club, was attended by Brigadier Ahmed Mohammed Nehkairah Al Mahrami, Head of Human Rights Department at the Ministry of Interior; Sakr Al Meskari, Senior Activity Specialist at Abu Dhabi Education Council, and a large number of officers, parents and students.

Colonel Saif Saeed Al Shamesi, Deputy Head of the Clubs Department, said: “The forum embodies the Abu Dhabi Police’s constant commitment to communicate with staff members and their families, and provide high quality services to citizens and residents alike.” Al Shamesi also pointed out that the program motivates and encourages students to pursue their academic endeavors seriously and actively, and includes health and awareness-raising activities that focus on social values and law respect.

Colonel Al Shamesi praised the efforts of the sponsors, and parents’ keenness to attend the forum. “We shall continue to organize such programs, which gather children and their parents, MoI’s representatives, Red Crescent volunteers, and strategic partners, in order to enhance communication and valuable cooperation,” Colonel Al Shamesi added.

During the forum, Dr. Mohammad Al Sawani, from Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Interior, presented a religious awareness segment. He explained, “School is a social environment where students mingle with others. Therefore, he is required to adapt to this new environment, which is different from home, and to show religious and ethical values. Parents should also know that contemporary education impels independence, but it does not compensate parents’ supervision and care, in a bid to identify children’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Dr. Safaa Baybarse, from the Medical Services Department, hosted an educational Q&A session, which engaged students with a view to address and correct their misconceptions, particularly the bad eating habits and health damages of consuming carbonated beverages and potato chips on empty stomach in the early morning while waiting for the school bus, a behavior which may cause osteoporosis. Dr Safaa also encouraged students to take their breakfast regularly, as it boosts brain activity and vital processes in the human body. She also highlighted the proper way to carry school backpacks, so as to avoid postural deviation, because, as practical as they are, heavy backpacks can strain muscles and joints and may cause back pain. Dr Safaa also encouraged students to abide by their academic schedules.

“85% of contagious diseases are transmitted by hand contact; therefore students should keep their hands clean and trim their nails regularly,” she explained. She also stressed the importance of healthy eating, warning both parents and children against fast food, which may cause obesity and diabetes. “Fruits and dairy products are a healthy substitute,” she said. In conclusion, Dr. urged parents of students with special health needs to maintain communication with school administrations.

First Assistant Mohamad Al Nuaimi from Abu Dhabi Civil Defense GHQ, outlined the role of the Civil Defense Department in providing security and protection for all society members. “Your cooperation contributes to preventing crime and ensures full commitment to safety and security regulations,” he said.

In his lecture titled “Together for the Safety of Our Children”, First Assistant Al Nuaimi stressed the importance of joining forces to protect children in the house or outside the home. He also discussed the main causes of household accidents, including censers, electrical wires, and lighters; and called upon parents to be cautious and draw the attention of their children to these risks.

The program included various recreational segments presented by media figure Jassem Obeid, from the Community Police Department, the well-known teddy bear character He presented a number of educational tips, such as the need to obey parents, pray regularly and have good companions.

The attendees watched a documentary film about the Community Police, its role in enhancing social security and stability; the national anthem, and a presentation about the Police efforts in promoting safety, security and stability of society.

The ADP Traffic and Patrols Directorate also participated in the event with an awareness lecture followed by an educational session of Q&A, which focused on enhancing the awareness of students and their parents about traffic laws and regulations, including the importance of using safety belts and safely strapping children under 12in the rear seats . Valuable gifts and prizes were distributed to the audience.

ADP Security Inspection Department (K9) also presented a police sniffer dogs performance, with trainer Abdullah Al Kaabi. The performance was challenging and fun-filled, and showcased the dogs’ significant ability to obey orders. The “Eyal Zayed Theatre” presented a play on the importance of sleeping early and the role of sports in boosting mental activity: a healthy mind requires a healthy body. Children of the Emirates Heritage Club presented a distinguished cultural heritage show, including the amazing traditional “Yolah” dance, representing the values of courage, strength, and joy, which the Club strives to revive and instill in the hearts of future generations.

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