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Thursday, May 26, 2011

LATRO Services Offers Comprehensive Bypass Fraud Elimination Solution

CHANTILLY, Va. - Thursday, May 26th 2011 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- LATRO Services announces its innovative and comprehensive solution to eradicate bypass fraud in the global telecommunications market. LATRO Services takes the fraud elimination process beyond conventional mitigation steps to fully eliminate the fraud source for improved revenue performance.

“Most companies today have the systems and processes in place to identify SIM Cards used in bypass gateways,” said Don Reinhart, Vice President. “What LATRO Services is able to do, in addition to test calls, is step in with professional services to locate fraud operations and facilitate action by regulators or authorities.”

A single bypass operation easily has the potential to generate more than $10,000 USD per day in bypass revenue or greater than $300,000 per month. That equates to over $3.6 million per year of potential lost termination revenue. Considering the opportunity for multiple bypass fraud groups to be working within a network, the problem quickly scales to a multi-million dollar, double digit percentage loss.

“If a company today is utilizing test calls to detect bypass fraud they have taken a prudent first step,” said Don Reinhart, Vice President. “However that does not stop the perpetrators from obtaining thousands more SIM cards and continuing their operations. LATRO Services’ SIM Box detection gets to the heart of the fraud problem, shutting down the operation.”

LATRO Services is backed by 10 years of experience in fraud detection and revenue assurance. The company offers expertise in developing solutions in the communications industry based on innovative approaches to technology and business processes.

LATRO Services employs a talented engineering staff and veteran wireless industry experts and field operations personnel. The company has the ability to deploy solutions as quickly as the next deceitful operation is developed.

About LATRO Services

LATRO Services is a business solutions company focused on providing improved revenue results to clients. With a broad range of expertise, LATRO Services serves telecommunication service providers around the globe looking for world class, cost effective solutions that result in immediate impact to revenue growth and positive customer experience. The LATRO Services team of experts enables its clients to meet the most demanding business and technical challenges across a variety of areas. For more information on LATRO Services, visit


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